Element42 wins National Level Innovation Challenge by Lockheed Martin, Government of India – Department of Science & Technology and Tata Trusts !

Ingenuously Original.

Radically Ingenious

Its not a piece of paper. Its a spark from the future.How can a document look and feel exactly the same, but still be able to come alive and protect itself from misuse ?

Exactly !

The ePaper takes a leap ahead in bringing cutting edge technology and making it usable in daily life, without even letting you know its there. And since everything valuable is recorded on paper, this brings a perfect blend of various technologies, keeping in mind one simple vision – Keeping your valuables safe.

And when you think about it, you realise the simplicity and sophistication of the solution.

Near Field Communication(NFC) for Physical Document Security

Robust Physical Security

ePaper uses Payment Grade Hardware Tokens with several layers of security for authenticating the physical document. NFC is the same technology used in several payment platforms, including Apple Pay. NFC allows a controlled and secure backbone for issuance and verification of documents.

BlockChain based Open Ledger for Digital Document Security

Immutable Digital Security

The software security for ePaper is also optionally backed by BlockChain – a distributed ledger – that powers SmartContracts. Blockchain is a technology that provides for secure robust immutable records in software, making them virtually hackproof. Much like the Bitcoin platform.

Artificial Intelligence for Identity and Credentials Management

Intelligent Analysis

The information on the documents, both digital and physical, is verified by Artificial Intelligence, making identifying fraud easier. AI and Machine Learning allows for better analysing biometric data, fraud trends and helps in predictive analytics.











Digital Document. Physical Security

And vice versa

Our technology ensures that there are enough digital features in physical security, and an equal or more number of physical features in digital security.

So what this means is,

  • complete irreplicable security features
  • Both online & offline authentication based on simple mobile phone technology
  • Customized levels of security based on need
  • Self destructing features, for making it anti-counterfeit

Infinite Options. Unlimited Security

Define what you want to do , & how secure you want it

Our patent pending technology allows you to choose everything. The quality and texture of paper, the look of the application, user defined workflow and even customised levels of security. So that you feel safe,and more than anything, happy !

  • Custom digital branding and ad spaces
  • Optional SMS, Passcode and hardware authentications
  • Custom authentication workflows across users

Peace of mind. Forever

Never worry about the authenticity of your documents. Our innovative technology keeps your valuables safe, by ensuring that what was recorded on a paper, stays that way. And nobody will be able to modify or misuse it.

So never again do you need questions like:

  • How do I ensure that nobody forges my documents?
  • Is this an original agreement?
  • What if my secure stationary is stolen?
  • The goods look real, but is this certificate genuine?

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ePaper is trusted by clients across Education, Banking & Government.

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Recognitions & Affiliations

Element42 is an Award Winning Company founded by IITians who are Industry Veterans

Element42 works on niche products in the security and authentication field, which employs advanced technologies as used in banking and electronic passports to secure sensitive assets – specifically documents.

Core Team

The management team of the company together have spent over 50 years in the industry across operations, technology, business development, product and marketing management. The company has a good mix of senior professionals from the industry, where some even have past entrepreneurial experience as well.

Pruthvi Rao
Pruthvi Rao
Alumnus IIT KGP, Ex VP – Citibank, GE Capital , PwC, Over 12 Years in Banking Technology & Operations
Mahantesh Kumar
Mahantesh Kumar
B Com, ACA, Ex AVP & Business Head – Zenith Software, Over 20 Years in Business Development
Gaurav Prakash
Gaurav Prakash
BA, MBA – Symbiosis Pune, Ex SVP Citibank, ICICI, MTS, 18 Years of Industry Experience on Business Development & Strategy

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